Geography Awareness Week 2009
Transportation Day
Thursday 19 November 2009

Transport 2000 Canada Connects Geography and Transportation

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Selected Transport 2000 Canada Documents that Make the Connection Between Geography and Transportation

Updated! 18 October 2009
1. Analysis of Responses to "Questions, Questions, and More Questions About Ottawa's LRT Plan, 2009 Edition" Barry Wellar. September 2009.
2. Questions, Questions, and More Questions About Ottawa's LRT Plan, 2009 Edition". Barry Wellar. June 2009.
3. "Enriching Sustainable Transport Decisions: Inputs from Operations Research and the Management Sciences". Barry Wellar, Professor Emeritus, Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Ottawa, and Distinguished Research Fellow, Transport 2000 Canada, and William Garrison, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. Invited paper for the session on "Sustainable Transport Planning and Assessment", 2009 Joint Conference of the Canadian Operations Research Society and the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, Toronto, June, 2009.
4. Municipal Government Participation in the Transport Canada Project on Methodologies for Making Decisions about Sustainable Transport Practices. Barry Wellar. January 2009.
5. Cutting to the Chase in Designing New Measures of Transportation System Performance. Barry Wellar. .September 2008.
6. Methodologies for Identifying and Ranking Sustainable Transport Practices in Urban Regions. Barry Wellar. August 2008.
7. Designing New Planning Measures of Transportation System Performance at the 2008 Joint Congress, American Collegiate Schools of Planning and Association of European Schools of Planning in Chicago, July 6-11.. Dr. Barry Wellar is the organizer and moderator for a Roundtable. We are pleased to post the Roundtable description, terms of reference, names of presenters, and summaries of presentations.
8. "Taking steps towards the end of the automobile era". is a column written by Barry Wellar that was published on December 9, 1975 by the Ottawa Citizen. Current concerns about the state of the auto industry, diminishing fossil fuel supplies, the need to get heavily into the transit mode, impacts of urbanization processes, etc., were discussed in the article written almost 34 years ago by the Distinguished Research Fellow at Transport 2000. The column was re-published as part of a Lecture program of the Association of American Geographers in Boston in April, and we are pleased to post Dr. Wellar's article for viewing by visitors to this website.
9. Transport 2000 actively participated in Geography Awareness Week 2007, which is hosted by the Canadian Association of Geographers, and is directed by Dr. Barry Wellar, who is also the Distinguished Research Fellow at Transport 2000. Dr. Wellar's report, A Canadian Experiment in Geographic Matters - Theme Days and Geography Awareness Week 2007, was published in the Winter/Spring issue of ArcNews and can be viewed at:
10. Design of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and High Efficiency Vehicle (HEV) Standards to Achieve Sustainable Transportation Best Practices. Barry Wellar. May 2008.
11. Best Practices for Walkability Barry Wellar. April 2008. Workshop presentation, Pedestrian Charter Steering Committee, Region of Waterloo.
12. How Citizens Can Make a Difference in Defining and Achieving Walkability Barry Wellar. April 2008. Workshop presentation, Pedestrian Charter Steering Committee, Region of Waterloo.
13. "Five steps to get Ottawa out of its transportation mess" (as published in the Ottawa News EMC). Barry Wellar. January 2008.
14. "An Advisory to Council About Solving Ottawa's Transportation Mess". Barry Wellar. January 2008.
15. Sustainable Transport by Design or by Default? Either Way, the Wasteful Ride Is Over. Barry Wellar. November 2007.Text of the plenary presentation given by Dr. Barry Wellar at the 2007 National TravelWise Association Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland..
16. "Sustainable Transport: Is there Anybody Here Who Can Win This Game?" Barry Wellar. November 2007. Background paper for the plenary presentation, at the 2007 National TravelWise Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
17. Sustainable Transport Best Practices and Geography: Making Connections. May 2007. Dr Barry Wellar's Fleming Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in San Francisco, as presented 18th April 2007. Dr.Wellar is the Distinguished Research Fellow of Transport 2000 Canada
18. Geographic Factors as a Core Element of Sustainable Transport Best Practices in Metropolitan Regions in Canada. Barry Wellar. Slides of PowerPoint presentation, Fleming Lecture, AAG Annual Meeting, April 2007, San Francisco.
19. Adapting Walking Security Index Concepts and Procedures to Serve and Promote the Mobility of Children. Barry Wellar. Slides of PowerPoint presentation, AAG Annual Meeting, April 2007, San Francisco.
20. Sustainable Transport Practices in Canada: Exhortation Overwhelms Demonstration. Barry Wellar. A 2006 White Paper on Canada's progress in achieving sustainable transport practices, and an introduction to the elements of an action-oriented research agenda in sustainable transport for Transport 2000 Canada.
21. Sustainable Transport Practices Key to the Harper Climate Change Agenda. Barry Wellar. 2006 Article in Peace and Environment News.
22. Local Governments' Record of Assessing the Impacts of the High Tech Industry on Ottawa's Land Use-Transportation Relationship: 1970s-2005. Barry Wellar and Nick Novakowski. 2007 book chapter.
23. Sustainable Transport: Does Anybody Here Know How to Win This Game? Barry Wellar. Slides of PowerPoint presentation to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, January 2007.
24. Moving Ottawa The Mayor of Ottawa's Task Force on Transportation, June 2007.
25. Sustainable Transport: Is There Anybody Here Who Can Win This Game? (PDF, 5MB) Barry Wellar, National Travelwise Association Conference, Belfast, November 2007.
26. A U-Turn for Ontario's Passenger Transportation Policy. Position Paper of Transport 2000 Ontario, March, 1999. Transport 2000 Ontario urges all three political parties to recognize that Ontario's growing population needs a new transportation policy. The way to move masses of people is with a modern transportation system that balances the needs of public and private travel. Litwin, Natalie
27. Spine and Brain Injuries from Vehicle Crashes: The Human and Economic Cost. by Natalie Litwin with Tony Turrittin Series on Ontario's Roads: Social, Economic, and Environmental Costs. January, 2004. The report focuses on one very significant cost of an automobile dependent society, the health costs to society and individuals of car crashes, a cost generally ignored. (PDF format)
28. Preservation and Development of the CNR Kinghorn Line (Thunder Bay - Longlac) Feasibility Study Prepared For The Municipality Of Greenstone 2005 Jager, Mike and Gow, Harry W (2005). Potential Effects of the line being abandoned.

The Consultants have examined the nature of the services that were provided along the line as well as the economy of the surrounding area. It is clear that the cessation of services will have a very negative impact on the region. Specifically, the Consultants have identified the following impacts:

1. Lower Commodities Prices Received by local and regional Industries
2. Higher Transportation Costs and Lower Profits for Rail Shippers
3. Loss of Market Options for Shippers
4. Lost Economic Development Opportunities for Regional Communities
5. Loss of Local Tax Base Needed for Basic Government Services
6. Potential Increases in Highway Accidents Due to Increased Truck Traffic
7. Increased Road Damage Costs on Municipal Roads and Provincial Highways

(PDF format)
29. Remarks at the 30th Anniversary Meeting of the Board of Directors Transport 2000 Canada by Michael Jackson, Regina, Saskatchewan 21 October 2006. Transport 2000 can and must forge ahead in its quest for rational, sustainable, environmentally-friendly public transport policies for all Canadians. (MS Word format)
30. Short Line Rail Symposium University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. 12th May 2007. Panelists Presentations. Text report of various speakers about the use of "short lines" in regard to their economic, social and health benefits. (MS Word format)
31. Rail in other Jurisdictions. Power point presentation on International Rail use such as intermodal share, the economics of rail and its social and economic costs and benefits. Harry Gow. 2007 (MS Power Point format)
32. Les Tramways Modernes De L'alberta". par Harry Gow, président – fondateur de Transport 2000 Québec et Transport 2000 Canada. (French, MS Word format)

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Transportation Day is one of the theme days featured as part of Geography Awareness Week by the Canadian Association of Geographers.

In 2007, which was the launch year Transportation Day, the Transport 2000 website was selected as one of Canada’s ten outstanding sources of materials --maps, reports, news items, videos, etc., -- that describe the connection between geography and the modes of transport used to move people and freight.

Over the past two years, Transport 2000 has continued to add materials, including White Papers, research reports, conference presentations, and expert commentaries that elaborate the many important connections between geography and transportation.

Transport 2000 is a strong and active supporter of Transportation Day, Geography Awareness Week. We invite visitors to also visit the other 29 websites that have been recognized in 2007, 2008, and 2009 for their contributions to increasing Canadians’ awareness of the many important aspects of the geography-transportation connection.

To visit these other sites, simply follow the link to the Canadian Association of Geographers website, and then click on Transportation Day 2007, 2008 or 2009.

Transport 2000 is also pleased that Geography Awareness Week is directed by Dr. Barry Wellar, the Distinguished Research Fellow at Transport 2000. Dr. Wellar's report, A Canadian Experiment in Geographic Matters - Theme Days and Geography Awareness Week 2007, was published in the Winter/Spring issue of ArcNews and can be viewed at:

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